Halle’s 6th Birthday

Our little Halle girl turned 6. Wow–6 seems like such a big kid. We had a fun day with presents, playtime, wearing the school Birthday Glasses, and going to Chic-fil-a for dinner. For our Quarterly Relief Society Enrichment last month we did a Service Aution (SO FUN–if you want details, email me). I won a custom cake from my friend Reina. So, I used it for Halle’s birthday and it turned out so so so cute, not to mention delicious! The next time you see Reina, tell her how awesome it was! She even custom made a dolphin out of chocolate because Halle loves dolphins.

For her birthday she got: Hello Kitty Slippers, Jump Start computer game, Barbie Clothes, Barbie with two dogs, and a tea set.

Here’s some fun Halle Facts:
1. She NEVER gets tired. Like Never Ever. She goes to bed in the same state as she wakes up in the morning. It doesn’t matter if she went to bed late the night before or had a long crazy day, she never acts tired. I’d steal that trait from her in a heartbeat!
2. She loves to be a helper. She loves to help me with the baby, or do certain household chores. She is so good to run and grab things for me, buckle Josh into his carseat, or play with Blake when he is fussy. I really, really appreciate that about her.
3. She is HAPPY. Many, many people comment to me on what a happy little girl she is, and I couldn’t agree more. She just lights up every room she is in.
4. She loves stuffed animals. About 10 live in her bed at all times and she tucks them in every night. She also loves to play the computer and play barbies.
5. She loves to laugh. Most of the time this is cute and funny, but every now and again she has a “giggle fit” which can drive us up the wall.

We love you sweet Halle! Happy Birthday to our firstborn!

9 thoughts on “Halle’s 6th Birthday

  1. Wow you guys are sure old to have a 6 year old! Halle is so cute and really does look bigger! Love the cake and I might just have to get the details to your RS service auction. My sis-in-law and I were just trying to brain storm Enrichment ideas 2 days ago. 🙂 ANyway..Happy birthday to Halle and Josh–who is also such a handsome little man! Looks like it was a fun birthday week!

  2. Happy Birthday Halle!! I love that she loves barbies! Not many kids play with barbies anymore! She is welcome to come play with barbies at my house anytime!

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