Cape Ann

With the rain finally gone, we decided to head North for a beach day on Cape Ann.  The day was still pretty windy, so we decided to head to a lighthouse and hope the weather improved before we got to the beach..  It was called Eastern Point Lighthouse and had a fun little jetty to hike out on.  I was kind of afraid the wind was going to blow Blake into the ocean, but luckily he stayed on solid ground. 
eastern point lighthouse Collage



Next up: Halibut Point State Park.  Halibut Point is made of 440 million year old granite sheets.  It was a granite quarry from about 1840-1930.  Now, it is a beautiful, rocky, coastal seascape.  We loved climbing on all the rocks and looking into the little tide pools.  The hike to the shore line was a beautiful tree-lined, shady trail that was perfect for little feet. 

Halibut Point state park Collage


Photo Jul 05, 2 32 52 PM

After a few hours here it was still really windy, so we decided to give up on the beach and hit the town of Rockport.  What a perfect little costal town!  I absolutely loved it.  We had a delicious dinner of fish and chips and enjoyed looking in some of the cute little shops.

Photo Jul 05, 4 56 15 PMPhoto Jul 05, 5 54 56 PM

After dinner, lo and behold, the sun came out and the wind stopped blowing!  There was a little beach right in town so we decided we had to stick our toes in.  We ended up staying and playing for quite awhile.  You may have noticed several of our stuffed animal family members in these pictures.  Well, Foppy was hitching a ride in my backpack, and somehow wormed his way out.  When we set the bag down we noticed he was missing.  This distressed Blake quite a bit, so Rusty and the kids distracted him while I backtracked in search of Foppy.  Which was no easy task.  We had been all over that town.  Thankfully I found him near some rocks where we’d stopped to rest.  Crisis averted. 


I could not have imagined more picturesque scenery.  

Steps we took today:  ehhr….mostly steps Rusty took today.  His 17 mile run helped boost us to an all time record high.

Photo Jul 05, 8 47 46 PM

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