Cinderella’s Royal Table

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It was the most expensive hot dog on the planet, but it was worth it!  Cinderella’s Royal Table is a magical experience.  I thought Halle would be to old to want to dress in her princess gown, but after a suggestion from my friend Jen, I went ahead and asked her if she’d like to take her Snow White gown with us.  Her cute little eyes lit right up.  She looked beautiful.  Although she did tell me she felt a little silly in her princess gown and tennis shoes 🙂  The staff really does treat you like Royalty.  The boys got swords, and the girls got a special wand.  The food was pretty delicious, and the princesses were so sweet.  We couldn’t have hand picked a better table.  We were right at a window overlooking the Regal Carousel in Fantasy Land.  Halle soaked up every minute, her favorite part was meeting Snow White, of course.  Snow White made such a fuss over her dress.  Halle was beaming.  I know when she’s all grown up I’m going to look back at these pictures of her in her Snow White dress and remember how sweet and wonderful she is.  I’m so glad I got to share this day with her. 

 Cinderella's Royal Table 3 

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Cinderella's Royal Table 2Cinderella's Royal Table

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