Happy anniversary to us!

We celebrated our 8th anniversary on Aug 17th. That was also the official last day of summer before Halle started school. So, Rusty took the day of work and we took the kids to “The Bay” in Broomfield. We had a fun day of swimming, water slides, and snow cones. Then that evening Rusty and I went on our anniversary date. Rusty did all the planning this year, and I must say, he did a PERFECT job. It all started with a present. He bought me a dress while he was on business in NYC, and I LOVE IT!! Then we went to the temple. From there we headed to PF Chang’s in downtown Denver. We used to eat at PF Chang’s all the time when we were first married. Dessert was at the Peaks Lounge, which is on the 27th floor of the Hyatt. One whole wall is just windows that overlook the city. It was very romantic. We snuggled up on a couch in the corner and ordered Dip your own Strawberries. It was delicious! Rusty gets an A+++ for this date. And I have to say, even after 8 years, things just keep getting better and better! I love you Rust!

My awesome new dress

dessert at Peaks Lounge

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