Magical Mr. Bear

First, read this post to catch up. Since that day at the Pink Shop, Mr. Bear has had many wonderful adventures.  He comes to the grocery store, preschool, church, and the library.  One night as we were going through the bed time routine we discovered Mr. Bear was missing.  After retracing our steps we were confident he had been left at the library.  So, as soon as the library opened the next day, we zoomed over to get him.  Josh and Halle had a blast making up stories about Mr. Bear’s sleep over at the library. 

Sometime in Sept, the same thing happened.  Bed time came, and no Mr. Bear could be found.  We racked our brains, and hunted the house top to bottom.  But no luck, he was lost.  There were many sad nights, and days spent turning the toyroom upside down. 

About 1 week ago Halle comes charging through the door and shouts, “I have the most WONDERFUL news!”  (She had been on her first kindergarten field trip that day and I was sure she was bursting at the seams to talk about it). I said, “Tell me about your day!” She said, “No Mom, even BETTER NEWS.  I FOUND MR. BEAR.”  What??? Had Mr. Bear magically made his way to the Children’s Museum in Denver?  No, but he had ended up in the school’s lost and found.  On her way to the bus, Halle had seen him sitting on the top shelf. As soon as Josh woke up from his nap we raced to the school to rescue him.  And there was much rejoicing. 

magical mr. bear

5 thoughts on “Magical Mr. Bear

  1. YAY!! I love this story. I love how exciting things like this are with kids! Glad Mr. Bear is safe and sound.
    We recently had a similar story over a letter “o”. I have iron letters that spell “love”. Kenzie loved to play with these and lost the letter O months ago. We looked everywhere-couldn't find it. I told her she couldn't play with anything else of mine until she found it. (I know i am a mean mom)…anyway..she found it about a week ago in one of her little purses that had been in the trunk for the last few months…she was so excited! No, not quite as exciting as Mr. Bear, but a happy day nonetheless. 🙂


  2. Love this story! Soooo sweet.

    I felt so sad for you/little Blake after reading about his surgery. There's just something so unsettling about putting your tiny one under anesthesia! Halle's getting her tonsils out right after Christmas and I'm very nervous already. Glad to hear that Blake did so well.

    How fun that you got to take Halle to the Nutcracker!! I love that show and go every year. I can't wait till my girls are old enough to come along.


  3. I guess this obsession with stuffed animals runs in the family. I remember being a roommate with a certain 18 year old girl who packed her stuffed monkey thousands of miles from home to college. Yes, a stuffed animal at college. It was a beautiful monkey, though.


  4. Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!


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