10k, new car, and firefighter museum

On Sept 4 I finished my last race of the “Erie Series”–the 10k. I made my best time yet, and finished 2nd overall in the series. This was the first race where I really feel like I hit my stride, and I had so much fun, and it felt great. Running the 10k was my goal for the summer, so I’m glad to check it off my list. Now I’m looking forward to the “Erie Erie” in Oct!

We also got a new car this month! (Well, new to us anyway) It’s a 2003 Toyota Sequoia and WE LOVE IT. Sara and Brian got one a few months ago and we fell in love with it on our drive to Estes Park. Now, we didn’t mean to copy them so completely, but theirs happens to be white, and of course the one we found and liked was also white. So we are twinners. Now we need to have about 3 more kids so we can fill the car up! (triplets anyone?)

Now on to the firefighter museum. Sara and I took the kids to downtown Denver to the firefighter museum. We were all in need of a distraction, and the kids were glad to get out of the house and go on a little adventure. Well, it wasn’t quite as great as we imagined it might be. I should qualify–Sara and I weren’t that impressed, but the kids seemed to have a great time. The favorite part was the firetruck the kids could climb on and “drive,” as well as the cool outfits they could dress up in. We thought we’d be there all day, but after about 1 1/2 hrs we were pretty much done. So then we took them to Chic-fil-A where they had a blast in the kids area and probably would have stayed all day! but I guess the day must have been somewhat of a success b/c every night since then Josh says “Thank you for Firetruck” in his prayers.

7 thoughts on “10k, new car, and firefighter museum

  1. #1- Way to go on the 10k. Maybe I should start setting goals for myself too if it means I can be as cute and fit as you! #2 I am SO jealous of your car. I LOVE sequoias…but not as much as I love mini vans, but I don’t think Sean will ever let me get one so I am hoping for a Sequoia!#3 That is so cute that Josh is thankful for firetrucks! #4 I miss you

  2. well now that you can see that i visited you i have to comment! šŸ™‚good job on your 10k! you look like a little high school cross country runner! how old is josh? i hope he’s older than cody because cody has no idea how to even fold his arms in a prayer let alone say something! smart boy you have!

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