Happy Birthday Josh!

Dear Josh,
Happy 4th birthday!  You are such a sweet and special boy, and we are so glad you are part of our family.  I can always count on you to lift my spirits when I am feeling sad with one of your great hugs, or funny comments.  Lately, you have been giving me big kisses and saying, “Mom, you are the best Mom of all the moms.”  It just melts my heart. 
You have always been my cuddle bug.  When it was my turn to teach preschool you said to me, “Mom, if ever I want a hug or a kiss, you need to stop teaching and give me a hug or a kiss, ok?”  And I am happy to oblige.
You are a little smarty pants, and can already read 3 letter words.  It’s so cute to sit with you and hear you sound out the words.  You are so proud when you get them right. 
Halle is your best friend—you count down the hours everyday until she gets home from school, and then the two of you play and play.  Your other favorite thing to do is play on the computer, or play games on my Iphone.  You always come to me and say, “Mom, can I have some screen time?” 
Josh, from the moment you were born you had me wrapped around your tiny finger, and you still do!  I love you so much and hope your 4th year is a wonderful one!
Love, Mom

 Josh and his presents  DSC_0024

Josh turns 4

I  had tried to convince Josh to have a family birthday party this year, and I thought I had won, but about 3 days before his birthday he started to cry and said, “Mom, I want my friends, and I want a piñata at my birthday!” It was so sweet and sad that I immediately gave in.  We had a rockin party with our friends and neighbors, complete with cupcakes and a piñata. 
balloon boquet cupcakes  blowing out the candlespinata collage the neighborhood gang

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