In Loving Memory….

I feel like I can’t do another post until I mention the biggest thing that’s happened in our lives this month, the loss of Sara’s sweet little baby Peter. Sara has a beautiful post in honor of his sweet memory. Although is has been such a hard time with many questions and many tears, it has also been one of the most faith promoting times. There have been so many amazing stories associated with this tragedy that have made me sure that we have a loving Heavenly Father who has a plan for our lives. I had the opportunity to go out to Utah for the funeral, and in seeing Peter’s perfect little body I was filled with a sense of his spirit, and what an amazing, strong, courageous soul he his. I am so thankful for our knowledge of eternal families and the eternal perspective the gospel gives our lives. Our hearts and prayers are always with Sara, Brian, Braxton and Bree and we know little Peter is keeping a close eye on them from above.

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