Josh has taken to saying Ahhhhh everytime you give him a hug, or when he sees a cute animal, or when you give him his blanket. It is pretty darn cute.

So, he has a favorite little blanket that he always sleeps with and whenever he sees it he says, “ahhhhh.” The other day I was putting him down for his nap and he was pretty much asleep in my arms. I went to put him in his bed and noticed his blanket wasn’t in the crib. I just grabbed another one that was similar and stuck it in with him, hoping he wouldn’t really notice since he was almost asleep.

Well, a couple minutes later I heard him just COMPLAINING on the baby monitor. He never really cried, but I could tell he was ticked over the blanket switch and he was letting that blanket have it. He was making all sorts of angry noises.

A few min later, again over the baby monitor, I heard him change his tune. He stared AHHHHing and OHHHHing just as happy as could be. He did this for almost a minute straight and then promptly went to sleep. I guess he just needed a few min to adjust to the new blanket!! I was laughing so hard as all this was going on and really wishing I had some sort of webcam in his room so I could have seen it.


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