The Birds come for a visit

I love living in Colorado.  I love our home, I love our neighborhood, I love the sunshine, I love all the opportunities for Rusty’s work, and the healthy, active lifestyle that prevails here.  But a little part of my heart breaks when family comes to visit.  My kids are BEYOND excited.  Over the moon, through the roof excited.  Then I hate living in CO far from our family. It does make these little weekend trips very special though.

Nat, Michael (my kids call him Chicken-oda-soda. No one knows why) Jack and Leo made the 8 hour car ride to come visit us.  They are the first overnight guests we’ve had in the new house.  FUN!  The kids are so happy to get to spend time with their cousins.  Rusty immediately took charge of cute Leo, and Halle tucked Jack under her mothering wing.  I love visitors because I am able to check some things of my “to do with the kids” list that seem to get overlooked in the business of everyday life. 

Saturday we took off toward Morrison to see Dinosaur Ridge.  What a fun little treasure right in our own backyard.  It is so interesting to learn about the ancient history of CO.  We opted to take the guided bus tour, and we’re glad we did!  I would have had no idea what we were looking at without our paleontologist-grad student-tour guide, TJ.  The kids had a great time looking at the bones, and Blake even asked a few questions.  Their favorite part was looking at all the dinosaur footprints on the side of the mountain.  It was really neat!  Here they are sitting in a hole where someone carved out one of the footprints.  About 60 years after it was stolen out of the mountain it was retuned.  Turns out it was being used as a door stop at one of the CU frat houses for decades.  Funny.  We also went over to Red Rocks and climbed the amphitheater.  It was kinda cold and windy, and poor little Josh only had his shorts on from his basketball game earlier that morning.




Later that evening the adults headed down to Denver for dinner.  We ate a Zengo, a Latin-Asian restaurant.  Most of our food was really good!  The waiter told us that everything was served “family-style” so we opted to share a few appetizers and a main course.  Ummmm…..unless tiny bite sized portions are the new family-style these dishes were not meant to be shared.  Good thing the few bites we had tasted pretty darn good 🙂 We then headed over to the Hyatt for a gorgeous view of the city from the 27th story lounge, and some delicious fondue for dessert.  

Sunday was a day for resting, playing at the park in the sunshine, church, and my favorite, BRUNCH.  I adore breakfast food.  The best part of 1pm church is time to make and enjoy a giant, yummy breakfast.

Monday we headed back to Denver to take a tour of Hammonds Candy.  I think this is fun and interesting!  I love watching them pull and shape the candy.  The kids thought it was great to see candy canes being made, and even more great to pick a few of their own to take home.  After the tour we headed to the Children’s Museum.  It was President’s day, and apparently every other family in Denver had the same idea we did.  The place was packed.  Luckily the kids are getting older and can handle a crowd with grace.  There were no screaming meltdowns from any little people in our care.  Favorite parts included the Fire Engine, building planes and butterflies in the recycle center, and of course BUBBLES.  Josh had a great time in the Kinetics exhibit which is described as a “life-sized marble run.”  Basically it’s the little plastic balls like in a ball pit, and you get to send them through all sorts of mazes and adventures.  At the end, when enough balls have gathered in the hanging basket, it dumps the balls onto the kids below.  We must have done this 100 times. 

We are so glad our cousins came to visit and hope more family follows their lead! IMG_3331 IMG_3333IMG_3334  IMG_3338 IMG_3341

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