I’ve been Tagged!!!

Rules: Write 7 facts about yourself…silly, serious, random – you decide. List who tagged you and then who you will tag at the bottom. Leave a comment on their blogs and let them know you tagged them.
Ok, Lindsay tagged me, so here is my best effort.

1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE an afternoon nap more than most anything in the world.
2. I bite the inside corner of my lip when I’m bored or nervous.
3. The best moment of being a mom is watching your kids sleep. (for multiple reasons–relief that you survived another day among them.)
4. Halle knows the names of all the characters on Gillmore Girls. Not sure what this says about me…..
5. I just got a job teaching health seminars for my city (Erie). YEAAAAAA. I love health and I love teaching, so it will be perfect.
6. I think the best feeling in the world is that moment right after you give birth. You have your body back and bonus, a sweet little baby.
7.I am a sunshine junkie. That’s why Colorado is a great place for me to be–360 days of sunshine!

I tag Kami and Chelsi

3 thoughts on “I’ve been Tagged!!!

  1. Tara sorry to burst you bubble but technically Jeff has a blog. I am working on showing Chelsi the ropes but she like to online shop more. We are new at this bloggin so it might take awhile to make one as cool as yours. Whats up with the youtube stuff? I was youtube’n your family like I often do and poof there you guys were. Also whats up with the blacks blocking people. Get them to invite us. Take it easy we are going to be in town for almost all of the chirstmas break so you can take chelsi off my hands. I also think the Sampsons are planning a little party on the 28th (?) See ya later


  2. Oh no. Another one bites the Gilmore Girls dust. I own Seasons 1-7. What does this say about me? Everyone needs a small addiction. It would be way more fun to watch WITH someone though…


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