Winter Happenings

We have been enjoying some unseasonably warm weather this winter and we are loving every minute of it.  Here is some of the fun we’ve been up to.

Blake and Truman LOVE going to Discovery Days.  This week the theme was Super Heroes.  We made capes, masks, city scenes, and had all sorts of fun.
Photo Jan 22, 2 31 41 PM

Rusty and Halle have been enjoying the free 5th grade ski pass with a few fun trips to Eldora.  Halle loved skiing with Berlynn.  And she loves skiing with her Dad.  She’s got a natural talent and just gets better and better each time she goes.  2015-01-03 14.58.29 HDR 

2015-02-07 15.47.22

Halle and I had fun creating our newest furry friend, Zipe the hedgehog.  Google is truly amazing.  Halle said one day how fun it would be to make a little hedgehog.  I googled, “free hedgehog stuffie pattern” and up popped the perfect result.  We printed our instructions and the pattern and had a great afternoon creating together. Photo Jan 24, 12 33 10 PM Photo Jan 24, 12 33 21 PM

Blake got a handsome haircut from Dad. 2015-01-25 18.17.28

Halle and I went to New Beginnings!  WHAT???  How is it possible she will be a YW this year?  2015-01-25 18.36.35

The kids are doing so great at their 100 mile club at school.  We go two mornings a week. Josh and Halle hit 50 miles in Jan and Blake made it to 25.  I am really proud of them!
2015-01-30 08.53.39 2015-01-30 08.54.27 2015-01-30 08.54.49 

While Halle and Rusty skiied one Saturday, the boys and I enjoyed 70 degree weather at the park. They allowed me to take a picture of them together hanging out the sunroof of the car, but at the park there were many tears because they wanted “individual” pictures on the rock. NOT together pictures! 2015-02-07 13.13.06 2015-02-07 13.48.21 2015-02-07 13.51.46 

Halle got to help serve lunch on pizza day in the cafeteria.  I came and had lunch with Josh so Halle could serve us.  She did a great job!2015-02-13 11.52.41

Blake and mom in their favorite place—bed 🙂2015-02-07 21.43.48

Blake is a great helper in the kitchen.  Here he is testing out the BBQ sauce.
2015-02-08 17.06.57

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