Introducing to you…

Jack Michael Bird. Isn’t he so cute? My little sister Natalie had her 1st baby on Jan 22nd. ( Which is also Alan’s bday!) He was a day late, and we were all anxious for him to get here! Nat says he is a great baby, he doesn’t really cry, he just sort of yelps. We were looking at pics my Dad sent after he was born and Josh couldn’t get enough. All day he kept saying, “Baby Jack come play with us? Baby Jack have lunch with us?” We are so excited to have a Cornell Cousin and can’t wait to meet him!

There was also another addition to the family earlier in the week–this is Chloe, and she may rival the baby in sheer cuteness. Carlie and Danny got a little puppy and she weighs 1.2 lbs.

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