Slea Head Drive

After Soccer Golf, we did the Dingle Peninsula which was a 3+ hour drive. First stop. Hold the baby lambs. But we did not get to hold the lamb. But we got to feed the lamb. “You, feed this one! You, feed this lamb!” said the old grumpy groundskeeper. They were sufficiently cute and would go crazy for the bottle. This was not Josh’s favorite time. But it was Halle’s favorite time. My lamb went so crazy the milk was squirting everywhere and got all over the lamb.

The drive was amazing along the coast. So beautiful. Next was probably my favorite. Dunmore point. Which was used in the filming of star wars and was just so beautiful. So peaceful and picturesque. Just a perfect spot. I can’t imagine a more picturesque place on earth. Lovely to be there with my family and experience that together. So happy. We hiked back, often playing games with Blake like Racing up the hill or other things to keep him engaged and excited and I love playing with him. So fun.

After the hike we walked down to Coumeenoole Beach. I dipped my toes in the water while the kids enjoyed watching the waves roll in from above.

Next stop was Dunquin pier. It’s a super steep road you can walk down for some amazing views of the Blasket Islands. We stopped in at the visitor center and the girl at the snack bar was kind enough to fill up our water bottles and even add ICE. It’s the little things.

We finished the drive and headed up Connor Pass. This was quite the amazing one lane road passing through the mountains. Super beautiful on both sides. What amazing scenery. But crazy the one-lane road with walls on both sides and traffic in both directions. What are you supposed to do? It’s so stressful!

From Connor Pass we had a long drive to Limerick. We enjoyed listening to the Scamanda podcast and discussing how Amanda pulled off her scam. Which was to fake having cancer so she could scam people out of money. Also on the trip we listened to the American Scandal series about Edward Snowden. REally interesting thoughts about national security vs citizens rights to privacy.

We were starving so we pulled into limerick and right into Coqbull. The kids had a great time with the name of this restaurant, ordering things like coqshakes etc. Sigh. We were so hungry and the food was great.

On to our hotel which was the COOLEST hotel. It was right in the latin quarter and they upgraded us to an executive suite! it was a big corner room overlooking the river with a big giant bed and was just amazing. We got settled and then finished watching the documentary about free divers in the amazing giant tub. The very best thing we did on this trip was to get two hotel rooms almost everywhere we went. It made such a huge difference for everyone to have their own bed, and their own space. Loved it.

We wish we had another day to spend and explore Limerick. It looked like a cool place.

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