Kingdom Falconry and Soccer Golf

Blake–The whole family went to a falconry where they had all different kinds of birds including hawks, eagles, falcons, and owls. They started by showing us a bird named Gus who was a parigrine falcon and the fastest bird alive. They had a life which was a stick and rope with meat on the end of the rope. The trainer would swing it around and Gus would fly in the air and dive down trying to get it but the trainer would make him dodge at the last minute. He was really fast and it was so fun to watch. The coolest thing that happened there though was when they brought out gloves for everyone so they could hold a bird. They brought out a hawk that would fly to your glove when the trainer added food to it. There was lots of pictures taken and it was so cool to be just casually holding a hawk smiling. They did the same with a barn owl. Then they brought out a horned owl which we couldn’t hold because it was so big but it would fly to two different posts that would show us it’s wing span. Then we went into a room where they kept all the different birds and they would tell us all about them. It was overall an amazing experience and I was not expecting to hold any.

While we were waiting for Falconry to start, we were just walking around. We discovered a place that did mini-golf, Crazy Golf, and Soccer Golf. We were intrigued and decided to play a round of Soccer Golf. Why not? This turned out to be one of the funnest things we did. We kept track of how many holes everyone “won”. Everyone was having a great time and getting very competitive. It’s rare to find a game that we can all play and are all similar skill at. Except Tara and Josh, they were the runaway favorites and it came down to the last hole and tara knocked it in for the win! It was nice and cute to see her win. So good! This was the surprise highlight of the trip I would say. And the setting? Exquisite.

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