Insheer Island

We woke up and were scrambling because we had to be on the road by 10 to hit our ferry in time. Blake was supposed to come down and meet me for breakfast but I couldn’t find him so I got frustrated and he didn’t want to talk to the waitress when I had to leave to get ready so the day started off with me apologizing to Blake for getting frustrated with him. To his credit he seemed very forgiving and soon was joking with me and seemed to truly forgive. That’s a great trait and a really nice thing for him to do. We drove up to Doolin and were racing to catch the Doolin Ferry to Insheer. Turns out we had PLENTY of time, ha like 10 minutes. They crammed the people on the ferry and we were off. The water was rough, the boat jumping up and down as we made the crossing. It felt like a rollercoaster ride!

This was one of my favorite days. We landed and walked to a cute little patio lunch full of delicious things to eat and starting with pies and cakes first which is always great.

Then we rented bikes and were off for a 3 hour biking tour around the island. First we headed west and saw a seal and then biked along the coast and these amazing stone walls everywhere you look. Thousands of them. it was like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Especially juxtaposed against the ocean. It was a really great site to take in.

We biked back east and to the little town. I was really proud of Halle because she doesn’t like biking and didn’t complain much, she was a trooper. We should have got her an electric bike. But it was just a great ride, up the hill to a castle for the boys to climb around on, down the beach to an old ship wreck which was rusted out and cool looking.

Then we took a “detour” to the lighthouse and by detour I mean we walked our bikes over bump after bump of craziness. For like 30 minutes. We couldn’t ride at all. It was so rocky. Halle was pretty much done by this point and when we said we wanted to continue to the lighthouse she let out a big sigh. The lighthouse was cool and got one of my favorite pictures when Blake climbed the wall and stood on the pillar.

Back to the town to get ice cream (Blake got another slush mountain–it wasn’t on the menu, but he asked and they complied) and just walk around and got GROSS fudge until it was our time to load the ship and head back to Doolin.

After we got off the Ferry, the waves were hitting so hard along the coast. The water was spraying everywhere. We had a lot of fun snapping some cool pics.

And this hilarious cow crossing as we were headed to the Cliffs of Moher:

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