Legoland Windsor

Cool weather, ZERO lines.  It was a great day for Legoland!

2018-06-12 09.35.31-3

We took a Train from Clapham Junction to Windor, then a bus to Legoland. The bus dropped us at the bottom of a giant hill.  This is how Josh felt about it:2018-06-12 09.25.252018-06-14 10.33.572018-06-12 09.17.32
London made of Legos!
2018-06-12 09.58.20

Windsor Castle complete with a tiny Harry and Meghan on their wedding day.2018-06-12 10.01.252018-06-12 10.41.252018-06-12 10.54.26
The Dragon Coaster
2018-06-12 11.55.282018-06-12 12.11.42
Everyone’s favorite ride: Mia’s Riding Adventure.

2018-06-12 13.45.072018-06-12 14.12.12 HDR

It was a pretty chilly day and Rusty was the only one with a rain jacket.  We made him sit in the front of the log ride.  Halle decided not to risk getting wet and so she stayed at a little viewing area above the ride.  We survived the ride without getting wet then Halle sprayed us with giant cannons!  That little stinker!2018-06-12 15.36.52

We went back into Windsor for dinner where we ate at the Duchess of Cambridge right across the street from Windsor Castle. It was delicious!  And so cute.  We had Treacle Tart for dessert.

2018-06-12 19.43.05
2018-06-12 19.14.072018-06-12 19.43.05

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