Gap of Dunloe

We stayed at the Lake Hotel in Killarney. It was such a pretty place. I wish we could have stayed longer. We thoroughly enjoyed our big buffet breakfast while watching the ROBOT LAWNMOWER.

Halle-The gap of Dunloe was a breathtaking hike. The hills were neon green, rocky, mossy, and full of sheep. It was so fun to just walk up the path and see all the colorful sheep everywhere. In pastures, on the side of the cliff, on the road.

Josh was speedy and left us in the dust. There were horse carts and cars constantly squishing you as far as you could to the side of the path, and horse and sheep poop coating the road which was not super fun. But the views were absolutely amazing and so different than Colorado hikes.

We had to catch the boat back by 2 and in true Banks fashion made it to the endpoint with about 10 min to spare. But being on the very tail end we had a boat all to ourselves, and it was so fun to speed around the island. It did rain right in the middle but then cleared up to be nice and sunny.

We were dropped off at a cool castle where dad ran to get the car while the rest of us had a few snacks and tried to stay out of the wind. 

Now on to Royal Valencia Island! Driving through Kerry is AMAZING. Wildflowers line every single road. It’s just the prettiest thing. We couldn’t get enough. We took a ferry over to the little island. It was pouring rain, so we opted to just have dinner at the hotel and call it a night.

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