Top of the Shard

2018-06-27 18.17.28When we tentatively planned out our London days, we left out The Shard.  We wanted to do it, but it was pretty expensive, so we cut it.  We were so pleased to learn that it was included on our London Pass!  Yay!  So, after the Olympic Park we planned on going to the top.  On our way there we passed the London Bridge Experience, which was also included on our pass.  It’s kind of like a spook ally all about the many lives of London Bridge.  We definitely hadn’t planned on doing it, but there was no line so we decided to give it a whirl.  We did not love it.  It was pretty crass, scary, and just kind of dark.  Josh, Halle and I left about 1/2 way though but Blake wanted to stick it out till the end.  But, there was one good story that came from it.  We were in a Tavern in the year 1666 (The year of the great fire of London.)  The lady who owned the Tavern singled out Josh and asked him how old he was.  He said 11 and then she laid into me for allowing an 11 year old in a Tavern.  She said, “Some people should not be allowed to have children.”  It was all in good fun and we laughed.  She then said to me and Josh, “Ah!  I see what you’re up to!  It’s always the cute ones that are the pickpockets!”  We laughed and moved on our way.  When we were walking to the Shard Halle said, “I think that lady took the joke a little to far telling you you shouldn’t be allowed to have kids. I was thinking in my head–back off lady!  That’s my mom you’re talking about.”  It made me feel so loved that she was sticking up for me.2018-06-27 17.14.012018-06-27 17.13.03

We made it to the 69th floor of the Shard.  The views were great.  But then, we walked up some stairs to the 72nd or 73 floor called the Open air Skydeck.  And that was AWESOME. The deck opens up to the “Shards” and the floor is covered in astro turf so it feels like you are completely outside.  We all loved this part.  We bought some gelato, which we had to eat away from the windows because Blake was hating the heights.  It was a really fun atmosphere and different from other tall buildings we’ve done.2018-06-27 17.34.41-12018-06-27 17.25.26Blake staying as far away from the windows as possible. 2018-06-27 17.30.49

Now it was dinner time!  We passed a salad place I had been wanting to try.  It was a bust.  I have yet to find a really delicious salad in London.  It’s weird.  We walked over London Bridge and the kids got some fish and chips near the Tower of London.  We had a pretty historic view and Blake chased pigeons to his heart’s content.  2018-06-27 18.42.36We are trying to squeeze every penny out of our London Pass, so from here we hopped on a Bus Tour that took us to Victoria Station.  It was just ok.  But, we got to rest our weary legs, so we’ll take it!2018-06-27 19.22.51

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