September 2022 recap

Queen Elizabeth dies. What a life she led! It wasn’t perfect by any stretch, but think of all the history she lived through. It’s pretty amazing.

Tennis, tennis and more tennis. It’s been a tough season. Josh isn’t having nearly as much fun as he did last year. We moved up to 5A, and we have no Seniors on our team. We knew it would be a rebuilding year, but it’s easier to say, and harder to live through. School has been more stressful as well so he’s counting down the days till it’s over. I hope he can find a way to rekindle his love! Maybe with a little time and space.

Rusty and Dad did an epic 17 mile hike from Brainard Lake to Winter Park. They started in two groups–one at Brainard and one at WP. Then, they met in the middle, switched car keys and went on their way.

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