June 2021 Recap

Well people, it’s Sept 17, and I haven’t written a post since the Everglades. So, summer 2021 is going to get only a quick recap. It’s been the busiest summer EVER, and it feels so good. Masks were off, (Back on now because people are dumb)things were open, and we took full advantage. Perhaps the most fun thing Josh and Blake did this summer was to get a pass to WaterWorld with their friends. They went weekly and had a blast. I was mostly the chauffeur and I did not take a single solitary picture of them at WW. We continued our tradition of grabbing Little Caesars on the way home and everyone loved it. Halle kept busy working at Menchies and we did our part to support the business with many, many fro-yo nights. She got a pass to Elich Gardens with her friends and they’d coordinate their time off work for that. Josh played a lot of tennis, Blake roamed the neighborhood with his fun group of friends. So, without further adieu, I present Summer 2021–the highlights.

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