YW Camp 2022 Israel Assemble

YW camp was such a blast this year. It felt so good to be back at Batel doing our traditions and enjoying the spirit of that camp. Seriously–as soon as I drive through the camp gates I get goosebumps. It feels so sacred. And even though the girls don’t quite recognize it, they feel it too. It’s almost a physical change in their countenance. I just love this place!

The YCLs this year were SO SO GOOD. Nicole and I were really just guides–they did all the planning and executing. It made our job easy! We had such great planning meetings as we came up with out camp goals and theme. They were so responsible and so sweet to their little campers. They chose the theme “Israel Assemble.” So as a fun little side project, I made these superhero pictures for everyone. I thought they turned out so cute!

We had fun singing camp songs, doing devotionals, and participating in traditions like skit night, the dance party, disaster course, and capture the flag.

It was a new moon while we were there and the stars were just incredible. The milky way was completely visible. I wish I had pics!

t was so rewarding to hear their sweet testimonies on the last day. So many girls expressed how they were anxious to come to camp, not sure if they’d fit in or make new friends. And they were so grateful and felt so loved with the help of their YCLs and fellow campers. There is such a spirit of unity when we are at camp. God’s love is so palpable. There is so much joy. Almost every testimony shared the happiness they felt this week. I wish we could bottle up those feelings and have them with us always.

These youth are amazing. Teens get a bad rap. I know they have many significant challenges that are unique to their generation, but I feel like the future is in good hands.

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