Halle Blogs about other Christmas fun

Meeting baby Finn was definitely a highlight of the trip for everyone. He was so tiny and easy to just hold and snuggle. We all absolutely love him and are so excited he’s a part of our family. Landon and Jhena are being very careful to keep Finn healthy and safe from Covid and RSV. Since Blake only has one Covid vaccine, he could look at Baby Finn, but not touch. So, he kept Chole busy while we snuggled the baby.

Luminaria at Thanksgiving point was a great way to get into the holiday spirit. It was pretty cold so we all were bundled up, except for Blake who forgot his coat so mom gave him hers but it made him look very feminine haha. Along with all the festive Christmas and fun lights they also light up their life of Christ statues and they were so pretty. The whole display was awesome and was really long with each part being themed different to keep it interesting. After, we went to Thanksgiving Point Deli for dinner. Then we had a cousin sleepover!

While mom and dad were in St George we went sledding with the Birds at Sugarhouse Park. Grandma and Nat hit a jump and when they landed they were doing the snoopy laugh!

Other fun included making Grandma Gillies Sourdough scones and sourdough chocolate cake. YUM!

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