Christmas 2021

The best Christmas story this year is about Blake’s present. Santa was bringing him a Lacrosse Rebounder. Santa ordered it on Amazon and sent it to G&G Cornell’s house. Well, Santa went to check out that box late on the night of Dec 22rd. Santa opened the big box and inside was a SOLAR PANEL. One solar panel. How does one mistake a lacrosse rebounder for a solar panel? Santa got on Amazon chat and tried to resolve the problem. No luck. They could not get a rebounder to me before Christmas. Santa looked on all the sporting goods stores within 50 miles. No luck. In an act of desperation, Santa checked the KSL classifieds. BINGO! One Lacrosse rebounder for sale in Saratoga Springs. Santa borrowed Alan’s truck and went and acquired said rebounder. It was gigantic. Barely fit in the truck. Santa was so glad to have this problem resolved, but it caused Santa a lot of stress for 24 hours!

Other highlights included FINALLY scheduling Halle and Grace’s NYC trip, Josh getting his Motherboard to complete his computer build, and Blake won ornament of the year–a snowman who sings “sexy and I know it.”

I got Josh a Funko Pop of Oliver Queen and Rusty got Blake Avatar socks. It was fun to get them a little something that made them laugh.

The elves were pretty clever this year. The elves might have had a little help from G&G to get this puzzle put together:

Later that day we went to hang out with the Banks crew for a bit. We also took the obligatory porch family photo.

The next day was church. Most of us forgot to pack church clothes. I like what Josh came up with

I had a pretty great Christmas too! Rusty got us a Suba certification class. And Halle gave me the best “gift of time” ever–she said she’d help write the Christmas blog posts! I’m sure you’ve already read her wonderful words. I was so happy!

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