July wrap-up

Summer, we love you!

Me, Halle, Josh and Blake took an archery lesson.  It was fun!  I hope I can convince the kids to go back and do another.
2017-07-08 10.57.32

The Greys were in town visiting from CT, so we had a little BBQ get together.  2017-07-08 20.11.13

And come to find out, it was their anniversary!  So they fed each other strawberry shortcake.  We sure miss these two!2017-07-08 20.15.59 HDR

Dress like a cow and get free Chic-fil-a.

2017-07-11 11.33.17

$1 bowling days at Fat Cats.  We bowled, played mini golf, and did the laser maze. 2017-07-11 13.34.58

Free slurpees on 7-11!

2017-07-11 15.58.09

Living the Functional Medicine life.  Trying to see if I can figure out my gut issues once and for all.  Supplements by the handful, and an Autoimmune Protocol Paleo diet.  2017-07-07 09.11.02

Sunday evening walk to the cemetery after dinner.  2017-07-02 18.48.33

Fishing with the Cub Scouts at Thomas Res.  He caught one!2017-07-12 10.26.40 HDR

Chippy is helping Blake do his math work.  2017-07-13 13.43.04 HDR

Summer baseball nights2017-07-13 17.34.08

The Bay with our friends.  So much fun!  2017-07-14 15.16.452017-07-14 15.59.13

Chippy looking all cute and cozy2017-07-16 17.19.16

S’mores and Scriptures around the fire.

Rusty and I zipped away for a day and a half in San Fran to wine and dine with Nomadic Mentors in hopes that they can get us to London next summer.  We went to a super cool BBQ at an Air bnb in Outer Sunset.  We met entrepreneurs from Paris, London, Berlin.  Again, it’s so neat to see what amazing minds and ideas exist in the world.  ANNND…. of course, we had to eat some La Taqueria.  The party was so fun, but the rest of the trip was kind of a bust.  Emma Christensen watched the kids.

2017-07-18 16.24.122017-07-18 20.07.35

Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing with the Birds and Martinez.  We were so happy to get to spend a little time with the Birds.  The play was darling and we grabbed ice cream at Sweet Cow at Stanley Market afterward.  2017-07-24 15.11.25

Dining Al Fresco at Larimer Square!  My favorite dining of the year.  Made even better this year with the return of Bob and Kimberlie to CO!  We are sooooo happy they are back.  We ate at Roija.  Food was pretty good, but dessert was INCREDIBLE.

2017-07-23 12.00.33

2017-07-22 19.09.39
And what would dinner be in Denver without a lemon in the dog dish outside the fancy restaurant?
2017-07-22 20.03.58

WATER WORLD.  AGAIN, it was freezing and rainy.  Again, there were no crowds.  The Martinez came with us too, but left before we could snap a picture.  2017-07-26 16.18.53

Yes, this us in long pants and hoodies after our day at the waterpark.  We again got Little Caesar’s on the way home.  2017-07-26 17.42.38 HDR

Meet Cyclone and Artemis.  Josh and Halle have been saving for awhile to purchase these Leopard Geckos.  They eat live crickets and mill worms.  A fact that wasn’t mentioned to me before the purchase.  😉

2017-07-23 10.03.442017-07-29 14.19.52-2

Blake has become golf obsessed.  He bought his own clubs and everything.

2017-07-21 18.56.33

We had a fun night having dinner and S’mores with the Bohns.  I took the kids up to Ft. Collins in the morning for Ezra’s bday party and then Jamie brought them all back here while she went to pick counter tops in Denver for their new house.  We all had dinner after.  2017-07-20 19.32.31

Paddle boats at Waneka after picking up summer reading prizes at the Lafayette Library2017-07-28 16.30.15-12017-07-28 16.30.29

Art lessons with Meredith!  Just like last year, they were awesome and the kids looked forward to them every week!Art lessons

Paddleboarding at Union Res.  We can’t catch a break with weather and water activities.  It was pretty cold, but we had a great time anyway.  The kids loooove to go to the middle of the lake and shove each other off the boards.  Time flies and they  love it!paddleboarding 2paddleboarding 1

We did another scripture reading challenge for 2 weeks and celebrated our success at Menchies.  Our next goal is to read for a month and then get pizookies at BJ’s.  2017-07-31 19.11.31


The backyard being ugly again.  2017-07-31 20.03.46

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