Blake’s 12th Birthday

Dear Blake,

This year has been a wild ride! I am so proud of you for working hard to improve at school. It’s hard starting Middle School in the middle of a pandemic! Online school made it tough to stay focused, but you were constantly improving and trying new tactics. By the end of the year you were in a great place. You worked hard for it, so I hope you feel proud of yourself.

Right now you love to play Robolx on the computer, watch My Little Ponies on the big TV downstairs, and hang out with your friends. You love to jump on the tramp, hang out with dad, and build things in the garage. You always wear long socks that don’t match each other and you really love your pink, sparkly Adidas. When you aren’t in your Adidas you can be found zooming around the house on your hover shoes.

Right now we are reading Maniac Mcgee together and we recently finished the Giver. You love to snuggle up in my bed and turn on the heating pad. And you love it the most when Dash comes to snuggle too.

It was so fun to wake up super early on your birthday morning to try and catch a glimpse of the lunar eclipse. I love how you want to experience new things and be adventurous.

This year has taught us all that we can be adaptable. You have succeeded in all kinds of situation. This is such a valuable life skill. Remember, nothing lasts forever. Not the good times or the bad times. So, enjoy the good ones while they last and remember there is always light on the other side of the bad ones.

We’ve had some hard moments this year where we are both trying to balance parenting and independence. I’m so glad that we can talk to each other, really listen, and come up with compromises. As long as we are willing to listen and really try to understand each other I know we can get through anything.

Another special moment this year was in January when you received the Priesthood. It was a unique confirmation–we did it in the living room while the bishop and Grandmas and Grandpas watched on Zoom. You take your responsibilities as a Deacon very seriously and you make such a big difference in the lives of our ward members as you pass the sacrament.

You are a light in our family. Your laugh is contagious and your big love makes everything better. Keep being you. You were created with a purpose and I love everything about you.

Love, Mom

Blake taking a swing at the Piñata

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