Kid Dates

We were really missing our family and all the fun we have together after Christmas. So, we decided to have some intentional fun of our own. Each kid got their own date, customized to them. Rusty and I got a date too!

First up, Rusty and Halle went to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science to see an awesome special exhibit all about dogs. They also really loved the Space exhibit. After they ate Halle’s favorite dinner in the car (no inside dining right now) from GB Fish and Chips. They LOVED it.

Blake and I went to Build a Bear. I gave him a budget and told him he could spend it however he wanted. Introducing Yes, Bubbas, and Foppy Jr (Foppy jr is a little hidden by Blake’s clothes) We got Orange Julius for a treat.

Josh and I tried something new. A Rage Room. We went to Smash It in Denver. We picked the “Bring your own stuff” option. I posted on FB to see if anyone had any old dishes or junky electronics. I had a huge response! Josh and I drove around town gathering our items to destroy.

Smashing stuff is really fun! We turned Metallica up really loud and got to work with a baseball bat, sledge hammer and crowbar. We really loved throwing plates at the wall and using the baseball bat to shatter vases. We ate a tailgate lunch at the Brutal Poodle when we were done.

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