Josh’s 15th Birthday

Happy 15th birthday Josh! What a year it has been. It literally feels a lifetime ago that you turned 14. So many things have changed. All for the better. 

You finished your middle school career with online school. You received your special 4.0 award with a video and elbow bumps. 8th grade continuation was online. Summer saw things opening up and you were able to get your Covid vaccine. But…this virus is stupid. So you started your HS career wearing masks at school. But at least you are IN school. Progress. You started playing HS tennis (GO TIGERS!) and I absolutely loved watching you play. I didn’t miss a match. I think I was more sad than you when it was over. You showed lots of grit and determination as you dealt with some difficult teammates and disappointing outcomes. But mostly, you were just plain awesome. 4th Doubles ROCKSTAR. You carried your team to victory in 3 matches and only lost 3 times in regulation play. I saw you play with your heart and put in significant effort to improve. Now in the off season you are hitting the gym, taking both private and group lessons so you can be your very best for next season. It is a joy to watch you. 

The beginning of HS brought the advent of early morning seminary. I have been so impressed at your dedication. We all know morning isn’t your favorite time of day and I honestly didn’t know how having to wake up everyday would go for you. But, you just do it. You get up when your alarm goes off and off you go. 

This fall has also been marching band season. I loved watching you grab all your stuff in the morning. Backpack packed full of school stuff. Giant tennis bag complete with 3 full water bottles. And your giant saxophone case. It was quite the sight to behold. Having you and Halle in the marching band together has been a treat. So fun to see you both out on the field together. And just between you and me, Saxophone is my favorite instrument.

As if all those activities weren’t enough, you are also taking a bazillion honors classes. I seriously don’t know how you hold it all together. But you do. Remember, Dad and I are here to support and help you. You never have to carry the load alone. 

We went to get your Learners Permit on your birthday. Something had gone wrong and they lost your appointment. It was probably my fault. And even though there were only like 2 other people at the entire DMV, they wouldn’t budge and let you in. I could tell you were disappointed. I was too. We jumped online and saw there was one last appointment in Boulder that afternoon. We scooped it up and raced over. So we were able to get it done after all! Thanks for always showing me so much grace and being willing to roll with the punches. You are always quick to say thank you or defend me when certain other children aren’t being very nice 😉 

Our favorite activity of late is to watch “Arrow.” We love to make fun of it,  but I think we secretly just love it. Oliver Queen is a dreamboat. 

I can’t wait to see what changes and growth come for you this year. I am so darn glad to be your mom. Love you!  Love, Mom

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