Annual Pilgrimage to Utah

I met my parents in Rawlins to send the kiddos off on their summer vacation to Grandma and Grandpa’s house.  I expected Blake to throw a huge fit when he realized I was going to leave him, but he just waved and waved and said, “Bye Mom!  See you later!”  Not a tear in his eye.  On the other hand, Josh and Halle were crying buckets.  Josh had been counting down the days since April, so I was shocked that he was even the least bit sad.  But a few miles down the road and a lot of jokes from Papa and Uncle Roger cured him.  Ice Cream at Little America Helped too 🙂 IMG_7018

As was expected, the kids had a marvelous time being spoiled rotten, and hanging out with their cousins.  Jack and Blake have a love/hate relationship.  Blake loves to bite, and Jack hates it.  IMG_7030

Some of the festivities included:

Feeding the ducks at Adventure and Learning park:IMG_7033 IMG_7037 Playing in the hammock and jumping on the tramp:IMG_7028


A treat from the Pink Shop everyday when Papa came home from work:IMG_7047

Watching the Children’s Parade in Lehi:
(Gotta be one of my all time favorite pics of the cousins)IMG_7085

And who could forget the Princess Festival.  Halle had a splendid time again this year, and in case you are wondering, she is STILL a REAL princess!  Thanks to Grandma Cornell and Grandma Banks for sharing this special day with her. 

 IMG_7060 IMG_7069 IMG_7076IMG_7078 

They also had a great time spending a few nights with Grandma and Grandpa Banks—playing on the jeeps, hanging out with their Banks cousins, watching fireworks, and going to the splash park.  It’s no wonder my kiddos always beg to move to Utah!

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