Back to school

This is the one and only year that all three kiddos will be at the same school.  Halle is beginning 5th grade, Josh is in 2nd grade, and Blake is starting Kindergarten!  The big kids are so excited to walk Blake to his classroom, and hopefully see him in the halls or out at recess. 
DSC_0572 Blake was super excited to start Kindergarten.  We read a book about the first day of kindergarten and some of the kids in the book were nervous about school.  Blake said, “Mom, I’m not nervous at all!  I’m so dang excited!”
Blake Kinder 
Halle is excited to rule the school, and learn lots in 5th gradeHalle 5th grade 
Josh didn’t even bother to say goodbye, he just parked his scooter and then disappeared into his classroom.  I came to find him to give him a kiss and he said, “Mom, what are you doing here?”  I said, “You didn’t even tell me you were leaving!  I wanted to wish you luck.”  He shrugged his shoulders and said, “Ok.  Well…BYE!”
Josh 2nd gradeDSC_0585
It’s been a hard week for me as I’ve thought about sending Blake to Kindergarten.  I’ve been teary on and off for days.  And as I was walking though the hallway holding his little hand, the tears flowed.  But, I pulled it together by the time we got to his classroom.  He confidently walked in, put his backpack away, sat at his desk and started working.  He threw his sweet little arms around my neck, gave me a giant hug and said, “Bye Mom!  You can go now!” 
It’s lonely at my house today!

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