Nov 2019 recap

Our self-proclaimed perfectionist gets another 4.0!

2019-11-01 07.48.50When it’s like 10 degrees outside, but you don’t want to miss Halle’s marching band performance, YouTube to the rescue!  The live stream the football games.  So I sat in my cozy warm car in the parking lot of the HS and cheered her on.  God bless technology.  2019-11-01 20.16.44Blake has been saving long and hard for this Unicorn Onesie.  He wears it every chance he gets.2019-11-02 18.29.037th Grade band concert.  They are doing so well.  Mr. Tyler is the best teacher!

The Marching Band joined the middle school for the last song of the concert.  Loud is an understatement.  Turn the volume all the way up, then times it by 10 and that will give you some idea of what it sounded like.  It’s so fun to have them all together, but my ears couldn’t take more than one song!

YW in Excellence.  It was a red carpet event this year and was planned down to the very last detail.  The girls walked in to a swarm of paparazzi, got blinged out with beads and ring pop and headed to the beautifully decorated YW room.  Each girl received an award and a tiara.  Then the girls who earned their YW Recognition award also got a white rose.  I’m so proud of Halle.  She has been working diligently to get her Personal Progress done before they retire the program at the end of the year.  And she finished the night before YW in Excellence.  It was such a fun night to recognize this talented, fun, hard working girl!

2019-11-13 18.50.552019-11-13 19.41.102019-11-13 20.09.27 Friendsgiving!  I had the chance to go to Utah to hang out with this beautiful Hawaiian babes for the weekend.  Cassie hosted the best Friendsgiving, and we had a fun favorite things gift exchange and watched the video I made from our Hawaii trip.  2019-11-16 19.00.452019-11-17 00.48.18Rusty came with me for the weekend because Alan had just had surgery to get his cancer removed from his armpit and Rusty wanted to come visit and be helpful.  The surgery went just as well as it could and we are so relieved that there wasn’t sign that the cancer had spread.  So, in true Banks fashion, Rusty went to do some grocery shopping and came back with a new computer for his parents.  He spent the day getting it all set up for them.  2019-11-16 13.14.29Since we were traveling at Thanksgiving we trimmed the tree the day before we left.  It was Blake’s turn for the star this year.  I just love our family tree and I know the kids do too.  2019-11-23 13.50.362019-11-23 13.42.02

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