Greenwich Village Food Tour

Our last day began as all other days of this trip, late. Josh and Rusty didn’t get home till 2am and the rest of us rolled in around 12:45 and didn’t go to bed till 1:30. No one moved a muscle until about 9:45am. We packed up our bags and checked out of the hotel.  This place has been a lot of fun.  They even have names for all their plants.  2019-09-03 15.33.08We went to Chinatown in search of Açaí bowls. And we found them! After consuming so much sugar and pizza over the last few days this tasted like heaven. Blake go a Pina Colada smoothie that was also delicious. $10/each2019-09-03 11.36.09

Museum of Illusions was up next. This was a fun place to kill a couple of hours, but I’d say the price was pretty inflated to the real value. It cost our family about $75 and I’d say it was worth about $45. But, in the interest of trying new things, I’m glad we did it. The exhibits they had were interesting and fun, there just wasn’t quite enough of them. But the pictures are pretty great.2019-09-03 17.18.38One last foodie neighborhood to explore: Greenwich.  He’s the rundown:

Sticky Finger joint. 3 stars. I’d definitely eat here again if I was with kids, but I wouldn’t seek it out or walk far to get there. The Chicken fingers were fresh and tasty, but at the end of the day they were just chicken fingers. $12.50/large

Big Gay Ice Cream. 4 stars. This place has been on my list for years and I’m so glad I finally got to try it out. YUM. $2 kid cones from 2-5. Josh got lemon with Nilla wafer crumbs and Halle and Blake got swirl ice cream with a chocolate shell and chocolate sprinkles. Rusty and I shared a Rocky Roadster in a waffle cone. I though it was super tasty. $7ish2019-09-03 14.11.22Pommes Frites. 5 stars. This was our favorite from our last foray in Greenwich, and we couldn’t wait to come back. So yum. The fries are thick and so crispy on the outside. Large fry and 4 sauces was $12. And the large more than fed our family.

Do—4 stars. Also a place I’ve wanted to try for awhile. And it was great. Such a fun concept to eat raw cookie dough. We got chocolate chip, brownie batter and cookie dough swirl and peanut butter with Reece’s pieces and cups. $10 for 3 scoops.

2019-09-03 17.00.12


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