Cutty Sark and Royal Observatory

2018-06-26 13.04.43.jpgOur area for today was Greenwich.  We took the overground and a bus to get there.  Our first stop was at Cutty Sark, a famous old tea ship.  Cutty Sark wasn’t quite as cool as the HMS Belfast, but it was still pretty interesting to learn about sailing and all the goods that sailed from all over the world on that ship.  There were kid guides that they could fill with embossing stamps on each of the decks.  2018-06-26 12.37.51The kids favorite part was this game where they sailed the ship from Australia to London.  You had to figure out how to use the trade winds to find the fastest route.  2018-06-26 12.35.032018-06-26 12.42.14My favorite part was the giant collection of figureheads.  They were really neat!2018-06-26 12.55.12 HDRWe scoped out Greenwich Market for lunch.  We came in hopes of finding a Ramen Burger at Pimp my Ramen.  The website said it was at the market everyday except Monday but we couldn’t find it anywhere. So we did a little more digging on their facebook page and it turns out they are only there on Saturday.  Me and Josh were so disappointed.  Josh had been looking forward to that burger for weeks!  Luckily, he found a pretty good substitute with some delicious BBQ  brisket.  2018-06-26 13.25.43Blake and Halle chose Crepes and Rusty and I shared a Bahn Mi bowl.  Everything was delicious!

We scrounged around in our pockets and Halle’s backpack and came up with just enough money to get everyone a gelato.  Today was also incredibly hot, so ice cream is just what the dr ordered. 2018-06-26 13.50.472018-06-26 13.53.44
From here we had a very sweaty walk to the Royal Observatory.  Which wasn’t at all like I expected it to be.  I was thinking it would be like an astronomy museum with exhibits.  There was a tiny bit of that, but mostly it was learning about the astronomers who lived there and the kings who commissioned the building.  There were 2 very cool things. 1–The camera Obscura.  2–The Prime Meridian Line.  This was one of the most important discoveries to come out of Greenwich.  And it was neat to stand in both the Eastern and Western hemispheres at the same time!IMG_39162018-06-26 14.43.32We also attended a Planetarium show that Rusty snored the whole way through.  We kept poking him but he didn’t wake up and he didn’t stop snoring.  It was hilarious.

The views from the hill were pretty incredible and we found a shady path to walk down.  2018-06-26 14.17.51-12018-06-26 14.51.32When we got to the end of the shaded section and had to go back into the sun Josh stopped right at the line and said, “No!  Mom, you can’t make me go back out there!”  We all got a good laugh.

We walked to the bus stop to start the journey home.  A normal, single level bus pulled up to the stop instead of a double decker.  Blake said, “If that’s our bus, I am NOT taking it!”  Luckily, it wasn’t our bus 🙂 Screens all the way home.  They are always so happy for a long ride home.  More screens for them!2018-06-26 17.34.23

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