East Side Gallery and Berliner Dom

Let’s start with what we had for breakfast.

Schnecken from Zeit für Brot. (Cinnamon rolls). Berliner Pfannkuchen from Bückerei Konditorei, and Cheesecake from Princess Cheesecake. Not a bad day to be us.  Not bad at all. breakfastThen we took a train to the East Side Gallery. I’ve been looking forward to this, and it didn’t disappoint. So much fun, interesting and thought provoking art. And we found out that Halle was born in the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. How cool is that?

From muralguide.org: “The mural is part of the East Side Gallery and depicts a Trabant Car breaking through the Berlin Wall.

The Trabant is an icon of the former communist state East Germany and used to be the most common vehicle. After the opening of the Berlin Wall and the German reunification in 1989 many East Germans streamed into the West with their Trabant Cars.

The mural was painted in 1990 and restored in 2009. Over the years the title changed from “Test the Best” into “Test the Rest” as Trabant Cars became very rare over the years.”2019-06-04 11.54.05The East side gallery was painted in 1990 and was created to inspire people toward a better future and a freer world.  2019-06-04 12.32.11

Possibly the most famous painting in the East Side Gallery is “My God, Help me Survive this Deadly Love” by Russian Painter Dmitri Vrubel.  It depicts a famous photograph of a Russian and East German politician.  2019-06-04 12.23.13

A derivative of this work is in Lithuania and features Trump and Putin.  It’s called, “Make Everything Great Again.” So great. Donald-Trump-and-Vladimir-Putin-Kissing-Restaurant-Will-Make-Everything-Great-Again
This next picture might be the one I frame from the trip. Handstands on the Berlin Wall with my sisters. Simply the best.2019-06-04 11.51.51-1-1I also really loved this one by Henry Schmidt. “Vergesst mir die Liebe nicht (Don’t forget me, Love). 2019-06-04 12.05.49

East Side Gallery

Natalie recently got a bite guard to help with her lock jaw.  She has to wear it all the time right now.  But she thought it looked funny in pictures so she was constantly taking it out.  We’d always laugh as the slurping got more and more dramatic throughout the trip.  Halle was taking this pic of us and she caught the slurp in mid action.  She handed the camera to me and said, “You’re welcome.”  It was so awesome. 2019-06-04 11.48.14Lunch was at Alexandarplatz. We finally got a German sausage from the sausage cart. So yummy. We plopped down in the middle of the square to enjoy our lunch. 2019-06-04 13.26.082019-06-04 13.28.09Carlie went to get Gwen and Mave from school and Nat, Carlie and I did some souvenir shopping. We ended up back at Decathalon, our favorite store we discovered in Europe this trip. We all got cute €3 backpacks in Belgium and we went back to grab some for the boys. Bring this store to the States! We also enjoyed the view of the radio tower.  20190604_145404(0)20190604_143946

We visited a church where an orchestra was practicing for a classical music concert. We settled in and listened to the beautiful tenor singer fill the church with his big voice. Here we are admiring the view of the church while cooling off a bit. 20190604_144617.jpgimg_20190604_152348.jpgThis Poseidon fountain was the coolest fountain we saw in Berlin.20190604_145207We had walked past a store that sold beanie boo purses and decided Nat and I would buy one for Gwen and Mave. When Carlie got back we walked past the store and Gwen dramatically put her hands over her eyes and said, “I can’t look! I’ll fall in love with all of them!” Needless to say, they were pretty excited when we told them they could pick one.

After the little girls squatted to potty behind a tree, we found a fountain to play in for a few minutes before making our way to Nikolaikirche. It’s the oldest church in Berlin. It was build between 1220 and 1230! 20190604_160525And right outside was the only drinking fountain we ever saw in Berlin.2019-06-04 16.01.56We browsed a cute Christmas shop that made me wish I was made of money.

We walked along the Spree to the Berliner Dom.2019-06-04 08.32.29-120190604_163008IMG_20190604_151743Mave was D.O.N.E. at this point and so I carried her up all 270 stairs in my back. Camp Gladiator sandbag training has come in handy! The view from the top was beautiful.  IMG_20190604_17511320190604_175857We went to explore the crypt and watched a creepy cartoon meant to teach the kids about the crypt. When it was done Mave said,“That was a cute show. Those babies were dying.” Her definition of cute and my definition of cute are not the same.20190604_1715402019-06-04 18.21.44When we got home Dan had an awesome salad, and yummy bread and Gouda waiting for us.

All three girls were sleeping in one room. Gwen was sleeping in the hammock and she kept waking Halle up because she was scared. And Halle was too delirious to comfort her, so Gwen kept trying and trying to get her attention. Finally she gave up and went in with her mom.IMG_0964

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