A miserable day at the airport

We woke up at 6am in Paris to our phones buzzing telling us our 10am flight to Rome had been cancelled and we’d been rebooked to a 3pm flight. There was an air traffic controller strike somewhere else in France.  Bummer.  We had to check out at 11 so we decided to head to the airport early.

Little did we know that our flight wouldn’t actually leave until about 7:30 pm that evening.  UGGGG!!!  The Orly airport is tiny and we were all stuffed into one little section that had about 5 gates and 2 gross food options. IMG_2053
So instead of exploring Rome, we sat and sat and sat.  There were two saving graces.  1. The passport game.  We put all the passports in a pile and then we’d say something like, “You have to change birthdays with this person.”  Or, “You have to do this person’s homework for a year.”  And then we’d all pick a passport and laugh at the results.

2. The Playstation.  There were 2 demo play stations set up at the gates.  The boys played for hours and hours.  I think if you ask Blake, he would say it is his favorite part of the trip so far!

FINALLY, at 10pm,  we made it to Rome!

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