Advent 2018

It felt like we didn’t have as much time for Advent Activities as we normally do, so I went for quality over quantity.  Love spending time with this crew in the Christmas season.

Dec 1 Scavenger Hunt.  I found a Harry Potter Funko Pop advent calendar. I had been telling the kids I couldn’t find a fun advent calendar this year, so they were extra surprised.   I told the kids I’ve peaked.  Between the puppy and the Harry Potter calendar, it just doesn’t get better than this for the Banks kids.

2018-12-05 08.00.05

The LDS Relief Society partnered with Lutheran Family services this year to help out Refugee families.  Our family put together 12 baby kits full of warm jammies, onsies, wipes, hygeine items, clothes, etc for pregnant refugee mothers.
2018-12-03 19.28.162018-12-03 19.15.49
Annual Late Start Krispie Kreme breakfast.2018-12-05 08.01.10
Blake and I also continued our late start tradition of biking to King Soopers to get a Strawberry Frappe from Star Bucks.  On our way, we saw this awesome Hawk!2018-12-05 10.38.20-12018-12-05 10.53.01We grew these awesome Christmas Trees.  2018-12-12 10.26.13I also grew Amaryllis this year.  They are so beautiful!2018-12-19 12.27.20Christmas Bingo!  Best Sunday of the year.  This year, the Black Out prize was some #D drawing paper.  It’s so fun!2018-12-16 19.03.01Dinner under the tree on the night before we left for Utah.  And Dash got to join us this year!  (Sort of–he kept trying to eat everything so we had to put him behind his gate.  2018-12-19 18.30.332018-12-19 18.40.52Sub for Santa at Erie Middle School.  Through our family Foundation, we had the opportunity to do Christmas for a family in need at EMS.  Blake helped me shop at Costco, Halle helped me pick out some fun crafts and a sequin stuffed fox for the 6th grade girl, and Josh was a great present wrapper.  Sub for Santa at Erie Middle6th Grade Band Concert.  This 6th grade band is GOOD.  Josh just loves his Sax.  He’s in the 2nd row, 2nd person on the right side of the stage.

2018-12-13 19.38.17-1Christmas in Color at Water World!  This is the first year for this and it was a lot of fun!  We especially loved the singing lights, snowmen and Christmas trees.  We took Dash with us too so he could experience his first Christmas lights.  He just slept on Halle’s lap the whole time 🙂  Blake loved climbing out the sunroof and sitting on top of the car.

2018-12-12 19.10.49HS band concert!  It’s so much fun to listen to these High Schoolers play!  They are improving every time we hear them.

2018-12-06 20.24.25The band also got to play at the Erie Country Christmas Parade.  No one wanted to brave the cold this year, so I was the lone spectator from our family.

Black Rock Gives Back!  I volunteered at the Food Table again this year.  Love how our BR community comes together to donate food to the Erie Community Food Bank.  The next day I went and helped Joanna sort food at the food bank and the place was stuffed!  There was hardly room to walk!

Black-Rock-gives-back.jpg2018-12-04 18.40.54



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