Sunday rest day

We are officially BEAT.  So, after church we broke with our usually Sunday park tradition and came home and had a nap.  We had originally planned to go to the park around 6 as it started to cool down a bit.  But when the time came, no one really wanted to go.  We stayed home and played a game of Life on the ipad instead.  I won 🙂 We all got in bed early and no one complained a bit!

Rusty really wanted to walk to church at least one time, so he planned to do it this morning.  Trouble is, he “forgot” to tell the kids.  Josh finally said, “umm….where is the bus stop?  Why are we going a different way?”  The moans and groans when he told them we were walking were CLASSIC.  It all made me giggle.  2018-07-01 09.49.022018-07-01 09.57.15

Technology is so great!  We downloaded Clue, Battleship and Life to the iPad in preparation for the Wimbledon queue in a few days.  So fun!  2018-07-01 19.22.49

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