Spy Museum and Mauer Park Fleamarket

Saturday we took the kids to the Deutsches Spionage Museum. This was pretty fun, and would have been even more fun if it wasn’t so crowded. The two run away hits were the lie detector test and the laser maze. Then the kids all dressed up as spies for some pictures.IMG_1776IMG_1778 20200104_1505122020-01-04 15.06.16We had planned on going to the Botanical Gardens to see the Christmas lights but pulled an audible and did adult dinner instead. It was a cold and rainy day and the kids just wanted to play with each other. Dan took us to a traditional Bavarian restaurant. I got pork knuckle and Rusty for a salad. I bet you know who felt better at the end of the night 🙂 it’s always so fun to have a chance to just chat with the adults without all the interruptions from the kids. It was a great night.IMG_1781And then after Halle and the girls were back at Carlie’s place I got the best picture ever. Halle brought unicorn face masks for her and the girls. They loooved feeling like big girls and doing a face mask. Although by the end of 10 min, Mave was way ready to be done. And Gwen was a little disappointed that the unicorn marks didn’t tattoo to her face. 😂 Isn’t Halle the best cousin ever?2020-01-04 13.46.13Sunday was our final morning in Berlin. We checked out of the Airbnb and parked the vans at Carlie’s house. We walked to the Mauer Park flea market. This market was HUGE and had so many fun things. Blake and Gwen chose twin wolf hats, and Blake’s hasn’t left his head since. He loves it so much. He was out of money so he had to promise to vacuum Rusty’s truck when we get home in order to buy it. Jack found the coolest, random owl pocket watch and Cole got a beautiful beer stein. Mom, Nat, Car and I all bought cute matching headbands. They are so warm and cozy!2020-01-05 12.47.31


IMG_2390IMG_3909Then the hard part—time to say goodbye. Nat and I spent lots of time telling baby Schofield how much we love him. And Gwen and Blake shared the best hug. It’s hard to be apart from your family! Carlie texted a picture a few min after we left of both girls sobbing in Danny’s arms. At bedtime Carlie asked Gwen if she wanted to do something special the next day to help her feel better. She said, “Yes. I want to drive to Munich and be with my cousins.” Heart wrencher!

IMG_3920IMG_1788The drive back was long and boring. But made a little less boring by listening to Jim Gaffigan for a good chunk of time. I loved listening to the little giggles coming from the back of the van. We hit the hay early to prep for our big day in the morning.

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