Our London Life

2018-07-09 22.13.19.jpgThese are just a few moments I don’t want to forget.

Mangy Dumpster Squirrel
This poor squirrel! He is always hanging out at this dumpster near our apartment.  One time he was running along the edge and all of a sudden we hear a giant THUNK and he disappeared.  He totally fell into the dumpster!  We laughed so hard
2018-06-16 13.58.18
Date night!
Rusty and I are trying to get out and have a date night at least once a week.  This last one was so much fun.  First, we sent the kids down the road to Tortilla so they could grab some dinner while we got ready.  Josh was a little nervous to go out without parents, but he went and it was great!  It was cute to watch them walking from our balcony.  Almost everywhere in London uses Apple Pay.  So, since Blake’s fingerprint is in Rusty’s phone, we didn’t even need to send them with money. Just the phone.  Blake loved that he could pay. 2018-06-21 16.33.042018-06-21 16.57.43Rusty and I headed to Liecester Square in hope of getting some TKTS tickets to Les Mis.  Unfortunately, we were too late and there was standing room only tickets.  So, we settled on Dreamgirl for £16.  We had dinner reservations at Blacklock. This place was awesome!  It was all chops and sides.  So, we picked a few different chops–lamb, beef, and pork (The pork rib ended up being our favorite), and sides of sweet potatoes, grilled Courgettes (which, after seeing them on menus everywhere, we discovered are actually zucchini) and Kale and Parmesan salad.  Everything was delicious.  But dessert was so so good.  Homemade cheesecake with a biscuit crust.  The cheesecake is scooped table side out of a giant pan right into your waiting bowl.  And it was delicious.

Then on to Dreamgirls. The show was cute and the singing was really powerful. Those girls can belt it!  It definitely didn’t make our list of favorite shows, but it was fun none the less.  The theater was super steep!  It was nice because there were separate entrances for each level.  That meant no giant lines for bathrooms!  At intermission the ushers bust out these little stand and sell ice cream and ice lollies.  You could also order snacks and drinks to be brought directly to your seat!

2018-06-21 19.28.20For Date night last week we stuck around our neighborhood.  We went to Dan and Angels for dinner and then on to a bar that had a game room in the top.

We went specifically for the car races.  We bought our “drivers license” and then waited for a few others to join in the fun.  The race was 20 laps.  We all know that I cannot do driving games to save my life.  I was on lap 3 when everyone else was on lap 18.  Rusty kept trading the lead back and forth with Adam.  Right near the very end Adam pulled ahead and was going to win.  Since I was completely out of the running I decided to try and block Adam.  I boxed him in right at the finish line and Rusty zoomed in for the win.  It was awesome.  I was the black car and Adam was the green. 2018-06-14 20.42.582018-06-14 20.52.032018-06-14 20.52.20Crumpets.  We can’t get enough! We get them at our favorite grocery store, Lidls. 2018-06-18 07.52.082018-06-11 07.58.21
Our tiny park.  The kids love to throw their Kinder toys from our balcony on the 3rd floor down to the park.  Then they race down to retrieve them and do it all again.  It’s hilarious.
2018-06-07 09.33.262018-06-16 18.48.58Library
Halle was really excited to get a London library card.  I’m sure we’ll be using it a lot while we are here. The library is housed in such a cute, old building.2018-06-16 16.53.122018-06-16 17.26.462018-06-16 17.35.28Reading on the Balcony at night
Rusty and Josh are reading the Hobbit and Rusty and I are taking turns reading Harry Potter to Blake.  It doesn’t get dark until about 10:30ish, so we love sitting out in the cool air wrapped in our blankets watching the sun set while we read.  2018-06-16 21.39.012018-06-16 21.09.26 HDR
Musical Posts
We love these musical posts at the train station.  We make sure to hit them every time we go by.

Josh and Blake were the Spotlight in Primary on our last Sunday.  We have felt so welcome in the Clapham Common ward.  The diversity was incredible and it was neat to get to experience a church setting so unlike our own.

So.Many.Sunggles.  Blake was in my bed every morning around 7.

2018-06-21 08.35.14
We loved getting our daily newspaper and doing the puzzles on our travels. 2018-06-18 11.23.52 hdrTwister and Magnum Bars.  Always in our freezer.

Black Currant EVERYTHING!2018-07-12 19.39.32

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