Anniversary #12


Earlier this summer Rusty and I both made Inspiration Boards.  I did mine on Pinterest.  The idea was to pin things that you want to do in your life.  And to be as big and bold as you wanted.  One of my pins was of a sail boat.  I said I wanted to learn to sail, and then do a trip on a sail boat, just the two of us.  So, Rusty, being the awesome guy that he is, found a sailing instructor in Colorado and surprised me with a sailing lesson for our anniversary.  Bob was our very knowledgeable, very talkative, teacher.  Our lesson was supposed to be 2 hours and ended up being just under 4.  We learned about the main sail, the jib, the boom, how to tack and jibe, and all sorts of other fun things.  Bob thinks with one more lesson we’ll be ready to take a boat out on our own! 

Thanks Rust, for always making my dreams come true, even 12 years later.  Life is certainly full of ups and downs, and sometimes it seems like it’s mostly downs, but moments like these makes me sure that you are the perfect guy for me! 

IMG_4878 IMG_4909IMG_4889

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