Battersea Park and Clapham Commons

After 10 INTENSE days of travel, we were ready for a break!  We said goodbye to Grandma and Grandpa and Nat and Michael after our bus tour on Friday night.  Their flight was Saturday afternoon.  We are sad to see them go!

Saturday Rusty and I went and signed up for our month of Yoga at the hot yoga studio that is literally 3 minutes from our house.  I LOVE CITY LIVING!!  We told the kids they could sleep late and watch cartoons all morning and that’s exactly what they did.

When we felt rested up a bit we decided to go explore Battersea Park.  We rode our first double decker bus to get there.  This park is incredible!  So much fun.  First up, feeding the ducks and chasing pigeons.  Blake got a feather from a pigeon and Halle now owes him 1£. IMG_26812018-06-09 17.15.48IMG_2697IMG_2703

We took the opportunity to have a nice little catnap in the grass. It was wonderful.IMG_2688

Sunday we went to church in the Clapham Common ward. We had our very first ride on an iconic red double decker bus on our way to church. The ward was such an eclectic mix of interesting people. Everyone was so kind. Josh and Blake were in the same Primary class, and Halle was the only girl in Sunday school. I think we are going to like it there.
After church we picnicked in Clapham Common. We even saw some people playing quiddich! IMG_4725 Everything here is so green! The playground here was so much fun. There was a circle of swings that had us all in stitches. We would try to foot high five each other in the middle.IMG_4246
And Blake found a spinning structure that we had to drag him away from when it was time to go.IMG_3328

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