Grandma and Grandpa Cornell come for a visit

My mom flew out to meet baby Blake right after they got back from their trip to Maui. (Lucky ducks!) The kids were excited to have another visitor to entertain them. She took them to the park, played endless games with Halle, took them to the Children’s museum, and of course spent a lot of time snuggling Blake. We all went to the pool one day, an experience I don’t think I’ll repeat anytime soon. Even with two adults watching, Josh almost managed to drown himself. He decided to go down the slide by himself, and LUCKILY Halle saw him do it and she jumped in the water and pulled him out. GOOD GRIEF.
Papa drove out a few days later and we had fun going to Bounce Town, and celebrating an early Father’s Day with a big steak dinner. It was so nice to have the help with the kids and the cleaning and cooking. I told my mom that her and Sharon needed to divvy up the rest of the summer so someone was always with me.

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