Our Favorite Hometown Tradition–Erie Balloon Festival

2016-05-20 09.41.23

These beautiful balloons make me so happy!  I love seeing them soar over our house almost everyday.  But I especially love this one day when we get up close and personal with the balloons.  Jon brought up the Rowberry kids and we walked up to the golf course together.  It’s a beautiful way to spend an early Saturday morning.  2016-05-21 06.44.35-12016-05-21 06.46.142016-05-21 06.47.152016-05-21 06.49.422016-05-21 06.51.06 HDR-22016-05-21 06.57.592016-05-21 07.06.482016-05-21 07.07.17

We came home and had donuts for breakfast before Rusty had to leave to work on the Rowberry’s backyard and the rest of us headed to soccer.

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