Favorite Fall activities

It’s not really Fall until we visit Ya Ya Farms.  This year was COLD and WINDY.  We didn’t last too long.

2017-10-14 14.22.44

But, it’s worth it to brave the cold and wind to get a bite of our very favorite apple cider donuts.  Why are fall spices so good?

2017-10-14 14.24.00

The kids loved pestering the Turkeys.  They had them all worked up in a frenzy gobbling and squawking away.

2017-10-14 14.34.52

Cutest kids around.

2017-10-14 14.59.372017-10-14 14.59.47

We also gave family mountain biking a try.  Our first trip was on our annual post Stake Conference Adventure.  We went to Boulder to ride up Dowdy Draw.  We didn’t make it super far, but everyone had a ton of fun. We brought a picnic of Costco pumpkin muffins, Pirate Booty and grapes and ate it by the car before we hit the trail.  Everyone was in their Sunday clothes from Stake Conference, so we all had to take turns changing in the truck.  Clothes were everywhere!!
2017-10-15 13.48.252017-10-15 13.47.00

We had so much fun the first time we decided to try a trail a little closer to home on a gorgeous afternoon.  We went to the Rock Creek trail and rode our bikes through the pumpkin patch.  It was so beautiful.  I love being outside in the fall.  The perfectly crisp air, warm sun, and vivid colors just make my heart feel calm and happy.
Fall leaves on Rock Creek TrailIMG_83212017-10-20 16.36.042017-10-20 16.54.572017-10-20 16.55.35

We picked my mom up from the airport on a Sunday afternoon.  The weather was supposed to turn nasty the next day, so we decided to take advantage of being outside while we could.  I’d been wanting to take the kids to these cool tree swings that I walk by on the trail behind Vista Point.  So we walked down there and I told the kids I had a surprise for them.  For some reason this made Blake really sad and he did NOT want to go.  He cried and said he usually didn’t like my surprises.  He liked the swings in the end, but note to self: Blake doesn’t like to be surprised.
Tree SwingIMG_7989

We woke up the next morning to THIS:
2017-10-09 08.40.45

How cute is my little primary class?  We always take a walk after Sharing time and Singing Time and they just LOVED running around in the crunchy leaves.
2017-10-08 13.28.54

I go walking on the Coal Creek Trail while Halle has soccer practice.  The colors in the sky were so beautiful on this day.

2017-10-16 18.25.36 HDR


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