Young Ameritowne

2017-10-06 09.44.50

I had the chance to chaperone at the YAT 5th grade field trip.  This is such a highlight of their elementary school years.  In the weeks leading up to the field trip they participate in job interviews, get hired, and have staff meetings to learn how to conduct their businesses.  I was in charge of helping at the Sign and Print Shop.
2017-10-06 09.44.43Josh was the manager at the bank.

2017-10-06 10.04.012017-10-06 11.28.25

We had such a fun day!  The town is darling.  They start with opening ceremonies with a speech from the mayor and a ribbon cutting.  Then the warehouse delivers supplies to all the businesses.
Then we get to work!  Josh’s bank was in charge of cashing everyone’s paycheck, and getting loan repayments from the businesses.  Each kid had cash and debit card that they could use around town.  There was a snack shop with cookies, popsicles and soda. Nolan was working in the snack shop.
2017-10-06 11.38.20

There was a radio station where you could pay $1 to request a song.  There was a newspaper that came out late in the day with stories and pictures about YAT. Adam was a reporter at the newspaper.
2017-10-06 10.53.15At lunchtime the TV station showed the advertisements they had been recording all day.  Nick was a policeman who got to arrest kids who were breaking the rules.2017-10-06 11.06.56 HDR

There was a hospital and drs would come around and hand you a “sick” card and you had to go get checked out at the hospital. 2017-10-06 11.17.51

All the kids had work time and break time.  They worked in their shop and then on their break they could go spend their money in the other shops around town.  I’m so glad I got to be with Josh on this fun day!
2017-10-06 13.39.10

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