Halle’s Craft Camp

Halle is earning money for her 8th grade trip to Washington D.C.  She decided to host a little summer craft camp.  She planned crafts, made lists, went shopping, and put a lot of time into making it fun for the kids.  She hosted 2 camps.  One in July and one in Aug. Both camps went great, but it was nice to get the kinks ironed out for the Aug camp. It was a lot of hard work, and even more clean up, but the kids had an absolute blast and everyone is begging her to do a Christmas session.  And between the two camps she earned about $150!

Here are some of the fun things they did:

Sculpty Clay animals

2017-07-25 14.10.11

Watergun painting

2017-08-03 13.01.23-1

Boogie Boards for American Girls or Stuffies

2017-08-03 10.10.17


2017-08-03 09.28.112017-07-25 12.02.01 HDR

Made aquariums out of nerds, jello, and Swedish Fish

2017-07-25 14.29.40-1

Painted Minion Rocks

2017-07-25 14.48.20 HDR

Played Headbands2017-08-03 10.17.36

Ate Mac and Cheese and had Shave Ice

Here is her first group holding up their favorite projects:
2017-07-25 15.01.39

But, maybe everyone’s very favorite part was playing with the animals.  They did not want to stop!

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