I Am Halle

Halle and Grace had the fun opportunity to participate in the “I Am” project by photographer Stacie Smith.  This fun photoshoot is designed to let preteens know how much they are loved and valued. To give them a boost of confidence in the years they need it most. For them to know they have lots of people cheering for them to succeed. Stacie polled friends and family and then created personal affirmations to remind them of their worth.

We just told the girls we were having some fun photos taken. They had no idea about the final product. The photo shoot was so fun. Stacie had their favorite candy in a bowl and their favorite music blasting from the speakers in the studio. Sarah and I were banned to the living room and it was killing us not to be in there 😉 But that was probably the point. The girls were free to have fun without mom straightening clothes or messing with props 🙂

The night of the reveal was so much fun. The girls each went in individually and instead of just photos they were presented with a slideshow filled with words of love and advice from the people who know them best. It was such a touching moment and so fun to see Halle’s reaction as she read the words on the screen. We ordered a beautiful album and know it will be a treasure for years to come!


A page from their books:

2017-05-31 11.54.342017-05-31 11.55.02

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