February 2017 Recap

Erie hosted it’s first ever Choir Festival.  3 elementary schools and the the HS performed. It was so much fun, and their rendition of “Seize the Day” knocked it out of the park!  Josh has really loved choir this year.

2017-02-09 17.27.02

Lots and Lots of reading going on on these cold winter nights.  Reading with the Banks.

2017-02-28 20.41.54

Reading with the Rowberrys.  Who is in love with Jane’s double chin in this picture.  I AM!!

2017-02-26 19.21.35

I recently got called to be a Wolf Den Leader.  We hosted the Blue and Gold Banquet.  We served breakfast for dinner and played slumber party games.  It turned out to be a fun night!

2017-02-22 19.02.342017-02-22 17.59.23

Kimberlie came into town to help Sarah for a week.  One day we played tennis and then walked to 7 eleven for a treat.  It was so fun to have her here, and we were very excited to learn they are moving back to CO this summer.  YAY!!!

2017-02-20 12.00.16

Sadie came to stay for a few days over President’s Day weekend.  The girls planned a super fun Disney Party and every came dressed as their favorite Character.  Halle and Sadie made the Minnie Ears as a party favor.  Love these sweet friends!

2017-02-19 01.35.44

VALENTINE’S DAY!!  We put on our usual Crazy Cupid Cafe and it was a super fun night, as always.

2017-02-14 18.16.35

Blake worked really hard on his Monster Box this year.  He did it all by himself.  He looked up ideas on the internet, gathered supplies and worked for hours to get it done.  It turned out so great and I’m proud of his hard work!

2017-02-14 07.21.27

Every year for the FHE before Valentine’s day we write nice notes to each other to hang on our bedroom doors.  This year we couldn’t leave out our newest family member!  So, Chippy got valentines on her cage too.  On Rusty’s first attempt he wrote: “I like you, even though you look like a rat.”  Blake was so upset that Rusty would say this about his beloved pet.  He was in tears telling Rusty how mean that was and that this was supposed to be a nice thing.  So, Rusty made Chippy a new, nicer Valentine.

2017-02-14 07.18.42

Halle had a band concert as well.  They are getting really good!  It’s fun to listen to her play.

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