Pirate Party

After we pulled out of Castaway Cay, the Pirate Party began!  We all dressed in our pirate gear and headed to dinner. Our Stateroom Host had left cute “Pirates in the Caribbean”   bandanas on our bed to complete our pirate outfits. We stopped outside on Deck 4 to snap some quick pictures with the beautiful setting sun.

Dinner was again at the Royal Palace, but this time with a pirate twist.  The kids menus folded into a pirate hat they could wear on their head.  As per their routine, the boys high tailed it out of the dining room as fast as they could.  They never even stayed for dessert!

So, they missed the waiters folding napkin hats.  Berylnn’s is a bow like Minnie wears.  I’m not really sure what Halle’s is supposed to be 🙂

After dinner most of the crew went to see a magic show.  I stayed behind to read my book and rest up for the late night ahead.  About 9:45ish we all gathered on deck 12 for the show.  Captain Jack Sparrow was trying to keep his golden Gauntlet from being stolen by all the other pesky pirates.  There was lots of sword fights and funny lines from Captain Jack.  At the very end of the show he pointed his Gauntlet to the sky and fireworks shot out!  We were then treated to a super fun fireworks show at sea.

After the fireworks, dancing at “Club Pirate” was in full swing.  We danced our hearts out and made it up on the big screen several times.  The kids thought that was really cool.  We shut the place down at 11:30 and then headed to Cabanas for tacos and crepes.  We told the kids they could hang out until 12:15 and to then come back for bed.  Blake was more than ready after crepes for me to piggyback him back to our room.  Such a fun night on the Dream!

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