Summer Bucket List

Well, Boston got a post every few days, so I guess the rest of the summer deserves a post too 🙂  It’s been non-stop fun around here.  Boo for school starting.  Here are some of our favorite days:

We enjoyed many a magical sunset in the backyard.IMG_3446

Played lots and lots of Animal Town with our stuffies.IMG_4806 IMG_4810

Hiked above NCAR in Boulder for some breathtaking scenery.
Ncar hike

Attended the 4th annual TapInfluence picnic.IMG_4820

Family night at the Bay
IMG_4428 IMG_4431

Had a AG doll camping/smore making party
doll smores

Participated in the Mighty Kids Triathlon. 

Camped out with all our ward buddies at the annual Father and Son campout.


Had a blast overcoming our fears at the X-arena.IMG_5303 IMG_5306

Ate yummy food at Civic Center eats in Denver

IMG_5251 IMG_5255

Learned more about aviation at the Erie Air Fair

IMG_5266 IMG_5267

Park hopped all over town and had plenty of slurpies. Our favorite new park is the Peter Pan Park in Westminster.


We drew, sewed and stuffed our very own animals.


Spent the day swimming and sliding at Pirates Cove
pirates cove

Summer, you’ve been good to us. 

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